The Problem with Vision

Who’s looking back at you in the mirror?

Who do you see in there? Is he/she too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too bald, too everything? Is there remotely anything  to like about this person?

To cap it all, they say mirrors don’t lie. Perhaps that’s why the Brothers Grimm use this idea in the old Snow White fable. In the story, there’s a magic mirror that cannot lie. It always answered truthfully who was the fairest in the kingdom.

Mirrors truly capture all our imperfections and reflects our true beauty. But do they always have all the answers. Therein lies the problem with vision.

What do you see?

What can you see?

What should you see?

The problem with visions is that often you don’t see quite enough

Martin Luther King clearly had a vision when he gave his famous 1963 speech “I Have A Dream”. A good question is, did he really see an America of equality for all races? Or was he standing up for what he believed – non-segregation and non-discrimination of the negro? Did he see a little? Or did he really see too much?

What was Nelson Mandela’s  vision as he counted 27 years in prison? Did he see himself becoming South Africa’s first black and democratic elected president? Or was he determined in fighting apartheid in his homeland?

What was Mark Zuckerberg’s dream when he launched Facebook from a dormitory on that night in February, 2004? His mission was to “make the world open”. Did he really have a vision that 12 years later, he would be the 10th on Forbes list of Most Powerful People, the only under 50 on Forbes Ten Richest people and the only under 40 on the Top 20 Billionaires list?

Look again in the mirror.

It may be able to tell you who is the fairest of us all.

But it may not be able to tell you where you might end up.

Only you can determine that.

Can you see your strengths? Passions? Capabilities?

What do they say about you?

Innovator? Creator? Fixer? Dancer? Chef? Entrepreneur? Teacher?

Look again until you see just enough to get you going…

You may have to keep looking in that mirror as you evolve


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